"Cape May Stage's production of 
Outside Mullingar is a beautifully acted tale of humanity in all of its frailty and strength. Annie Edgerton as Rosemary [makes] the viewer forget that they are watching a play. All four of the actors in this very special production show great strength and skill in their craft." - Veronica Scutari, Exit Zero


"Annie Edgerton plays emotional older sister Annie... A vibrant Edgerton uses song and dance to conjure beautiful images of a simpler time... Edgerton brings out laughs with a flamboyant version of “These Boots are Made for Walkin’.”" - Adirondack Family Time

"'The Bikinis' provides a terrific musical time machine trip back to the 60s. The four ladies are powerhouse singers and performers with a great vocal blend... Annie Edgerton gives a hilarious performance. 5 out of 5 'Boxcars.'"
- North Country Public Radio Review


"Annie Edgerton evokes Roz Russell with her portrayal of Laura. She has the attitude and the inflection down."
- Alix Cohen,

"As Laura, Annie Edgerton... with sharp, cool authority... is ideally suited to put over the likes of 'Make the People Cry' (Laura's advice to her staff) and 'Everybody Loves to Take a Bow.'"


"Bringing comedic relief, in a huge way, are Annie Edgerton and Doug Stark as Innkepers M & Mme. Thenardier.  Picking pockets, slinging bad brew and pulling every dirty trick possible are all on the resume of this loathsome ~ yet laughable ~ pair."
-Elizabeth Musgrove, GottaGo

"Douglas Stark and Annie Edgerton were Monsieur and Madame Thenardier with just the right balance of despicable humans and comic relief."
-Amy Rodriguez, Times Sentinel


"You brought everything in my head to life as I imagined it and more.  I'm not exaggerating when I say I don't believe anyone on the planet could have done a better job.  You're crazy talented, and I wish I could see you in a Broadway show every night of the week." 
-James Harvey, Composer

9 TO 5 

"Violet Newstead, the hard-working woman who accidentally drops rat poison in Hart's coffee, is performed by Annie Edgerton. She last delighted us as Paulette in Legally Blonde, stealing the show and capturing Indy's attention. As the intelligent, drab, overlooked assistant to Hart, Edgerton's animated 'Potion Notion' is delightful and charming, allowing her whimsical side to shine along with her strong, smooth vocals."
-Elizabeth J. Musgrove, GottaGo

"Always on top of the sharp dialogue and never heavy-handed, the cast articulated the heart and soul of the show without giving short shrift to its abundant slapstick comedy. Act 1's fantasy scenes - which carried over into Act 2's "One of the Boys" - were on-the-mark funny and wistful.  Annie Edgerton as Violet Newstead honestly explored the many dimensions of love in the duet with Kevin Scott, "Let Love Grow.' "
-Rita Cohn,

"Outstanding entertainment... the cast, crew, and orchestra provide one of the best performances that you will ever enjoy."
-Major Jester, Yahoo Voices

"The show was snappy, vibrant and full of energy... an extremely talented cast headed by three incomparable ladies... Annie Edgerton as Violet... had the opportunity to shine and show off [her] enormous talent."
-Charlie the Critic


“Annie Edgerton as Paulette Bonafonté brings a brilliant performance…”
-Major Jester,  

“Bonafonte is portrayed by Annie Edgerton with the smoothness of a professional with years of rolling with whatever comes her way during live theater performances. It is not difficult to understand how Edgerton is able to snatch the attention again and again -- a task accomplished even during the stage-crowded "Bend and Snap" number.”
-Elizabeth J. Musgrave, Gotta Go Indianapolis

“Paulette the hairdresser [was] played by a delightful and convincing Annie Edgerton.”
-Rita Kohn,  

“Annie Edgerton plays the brassy Irishwoman with just the right amount of severity and lightheartedness. She also has some of the funniest lines in the play.”
-Wade Coggeshall, The Flyer Group


“What’s good about Mamma Mia? Annie Edgerton is a spitfire as Donna…”
-Susan Haubenstock, Richmond Times-Dispatch

As ROSIE: “Edgerton’s performance is pitch-perfect. When she sings ‘Take a Chance on Me’… the comedy is reminiscent of burlesque.”
-Gwenn Fiss, Cape Cod Times

“Annie Edgerton… aced a scene of cartoonish seduction...”
-Sandy MacDonald, Boston Globe

As TANYA: “Edgerton… had the audience rolling forward, grabbing their stomachs, and cackling out loud.”
-Chris Sandlin, EDGE Dallas

“Annie Edgerton… brought so much of [her] own personality and quirks to [the role] of Tanya… got a lot of the laughs.”
-Lauren Raisch,


*CRITIC’S PICK*   “… the performances are first-rate.”
-Robert Windeler, Backstage


“…the cast is solid, particularly Edgerton, who rises above…her character.”
-David Hilder,

“Cool, competent, conscience-driven Barbara (Annie Edgerton) is the most full-bodied of the [characters].  Director Gary Slavin gets his best performance out of Edgerton, who has charming musical comedy panache.”
-Diane Snyder,


“Many of the one-line barbs [were] sharply delivered by Contrary Mary, played with attitude and impeccable timing by Annie Edgerton.”
-Jerome R. Schulster, The Advocate & Greenwich Time


“Annie Edgerton’s luminous turn as a brittle, self-absorbed woman… is reason enough to brave the heat and make a beeline for ‘Two Small Bodies.’  Edgerton raises the temperature inside the theatre until it’s hotter than a New York sidewalk…  this fine actress can turn emotions on a dime, from brittle to aching, coy temptress to alley cat.  She can play smart – and dumb – sometimes in the same sentence.  Edgerton’s versatility is remarkable."
-Arlene Epstein, Nassau Herald (syndicated)

"Edgerton sells her goods with aplomb and dexterity as she keeps us neatly on the edge between contempt for a potentially murderous slut and fascinated sympathy for a woe-begotten urban castaway.  It's a demanding role, but Edgerton makes it work."
-Nick Brandi,


"Edgerton is very funny as the aggressive critic, Ira Drew; her performance as a male character makes things extra interesting."
-The Stamford Advocate


"…full of wit and humor… Edgerton is very charming as Andrew's annoyingly pure girlfriend."
-The Stamford Advocate


"Edgerton, in particular, gives one of the strongest performances. Her comedic timing, tell-tale expressions, and powerful singing often impact the audience with hearty guffawing."
-Delaware County Town Talk


"In fine support, Annie Edgerton and Noah Racey score as the comic second leads, Ellie and Frank."
-Syracuse New Times


"Annie Edgerton gave an excellent performance as Emma… [her] expressions and mannerisms were realistic and exciting to watch, especially during the tense scenes. [She] did an excellent job of maintaining the play's proper integrity, mainly through the use of pauses and the implementation of a convincing English accent."
-Darien Times-Review


"Annie Edgerton gives a commanding performance as Natasha… her blatant disregard for other characters leads to some humorous scenes."
-The Gazette

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